Our mission is to illuminate pathways to lifelong learning.

We strive to provide enriching opportunities for the family unit through rewarding and fulfilling experiences while honoring their diverse needs & values.

Areas we focus on


E4HH commits itself to helping students receive a quality enrichment opportunities regardless of socioeconomic status in Henry and surrounding counties. Henry County ranks top 7th in the states with over 2,000 homeschool students which is a 11% increase in numbers from last year. Numbers are projected to increase as parents want to personalize and address all of their children's developmental needs.

All children should have a well rounded educational experience. Our non-profit organization strives to provide homeschoolers with access to programs that enhance, enrich and empower their educational experience and bridge the gap in education for public schooled youth.


At home, parents are change makers. So, what happens to student learning when the community pulls together to share their experience and wisdom? Adequate funding can give homeschool children and bridge the gap for public school children with access to enrichment workshops to enhance their development and broaden their horizon.

Building a sense of community starts now, these are our future community leaders.

THANK YOU to Alliance Theater

for providing scholarship opportunities to our members.

Annual membership is $80 per student

(ages 4 years old & up)

This tax-deductible donation includes all events on the calendar.

We also offer free tickets and scholarships to our members as they come our way.

Registration will close May 31st.

Please email us at E4HH@e4hh.org if your family is need of food, clothing or books.  

We currently have new jackets, clothings and Redwing steel toe boots

for low-income families in need. 

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Our Partners/Sponsers

Your help is instrumental in providing the children in our community access to the educational enrichment they deserve